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Payment Gateway

CornerPay.NET sets a new standard throughout the credit card processing industry. We offer the most advanced features, highest level of security and the lowest possible rates. Our Virtual Gateway allows your business to process transactions anywhere in the world from web-enabled devices and supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transactions.

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All the Services You Need to Take Payments

Credit Card Processing

Cornerstone simplifies the merchant account process for you. By closely and personally working with you, we figure out what will work best for your business. Your account executive will be with you every step of the way, from initial inquiry to first credit card swipe and for a long as you’re processing with Cornerstone.

  • Credit and debit cards payment processing
  • Check guarantee and check conversion services
  • Automated Clearing House check drafting and payment services (ACH)
  • Gift card and loyalty programs
  • Payment Gateway Services
  • Payment Management Systems
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Online Custom Gateway Interfaces
  • Secured Host Payment Pages
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) systems
  • Apple Pay / Samsung Pay
  • EMV Technology
  • PCI Certification
  • QuickBooks® Integration
  • ATM Sales and Services

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The Equipment to Grow and Optimize Your Business

POS Systems & Credit Card Machines

Cornerstone offers an array of POS credit card terminals, restaurant POS systems and retail POS equipment. We’re also an authorized reseller of Clover® swipers. From Apple Pay® to a basic keyed-in entry unit we have something for every business type. From terminal processing, to mobile, POS and online, we have you covered every step of the way.

We offer the lowest rates and there are never hidden fees.

Clover MobileIWL 220D210 Mobile Payment Terminal

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Accept Credit Cards On the Go

Mobile Processing

Credit or debit card payments made by iPhone, iPad, tablet or other mobile devices are easy with Cornerstone mobile payment processing. We deliver for you, wherever you are, from farmer’s market to sports venue, just swipe and go with all the secure data transmission and fraud alerts as traditional processing offers. The CornerPay.NET Mobile application allows you to expand your business and revenues because you’ll be able to process all major credit cards and signature debit cards. Plus, you can keep track of your sales with robust cloud-based, real-time reporting.

Benefits and Security

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Proactive, Comprehensive Security

PCI Compliance Service Provider

Security is absolutely essential in all electronic transaction processing. Cornerstone is proud of our reputation to protect you and your customers from identity theft and credit card fraud. We take every precaution to ensure your processing is not compromised and stay current and compliant with all regulations.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules and regulations were created to help secure the credit card industry from identity theft, credit card fraud and provide heightened security measures. These security measures not only protect and benefit the customer, but you as well. VISA®, MASTERCARD®, DISCOVER®, AMERICAN EXPRESS® and JCB® appointed a separate team of experts known as the PCI Security Counsel to operate and carry out these advances in security and protection. The PCI Security Counsel strives in an ongoing pursuit to try to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

If you’re asking the question, “Does PCI apply to me?” We offer a simple answer:”If your business has ever had a customer pay by credit or debit cards, then PCI rules and regulations do apply to you and your business. Cornerstone Merchant Services, Inc. is a leader in PCI Compliancy education and training. We can handle any of your questions and concerns.

CornerPay.NET also includes security features like Merchant Guard, which eliminates clear text credit card and payment information; Customer Guard that addresses security concerns about handing customer payment information; 3-Step Redirect API, which ensure secure data transmission by keeping your business from seeing, touching, handling, transmitting and storing sensitive payment information; and Virtual Terminal, a program that enable business to process card-present transactions using any terminal.

Contact us to learn more so you can keep your focus on more important matters with your business. With Cornerstone‘s PCI Compliance guarantee, you and your company are in the professional care of a nationally accredited and certified merchant service provider.

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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Easy Reporting

Cornerstone Merchant Services understands the importance of obtaining credit card and payment data for reconciliation. We offer several robust management and reporting tools to keep credit card payment data and transactional data at a finger’s distance. From predictive analytics to downloadable monthly statements, Cornerstone has the management tools to keep your business on track.

CornerPay.NET Payment Gateway Reporting

  • Fully Customizable Report Fields
  • Indefinite Transaction History Storage
  • Transaction History Manipulation
  • Track Multiple Merchant Accounts at Real Time with 1 Login
  • Track Multiple Revenue Centers at Real Time with 1 Login
  • Mobile Friendly Transaction History Applications 
  • Customize All Downloadable Reports
  • Download CSV and Excel Reports – Now Available!

Cornerstone Merchant Account Reporting

  • Track Multiple Merchant Accounts with 1 Login
  • Track Disputes and Charge Back History at Real Time
  • Real Time Authorization Logs
  • Download Batch History Logs
  • Download Payment History Logs
  • Download Monthly Statements
  • All Downloadable content available in CSV and Excel Formats
  • Access to Cornerstone Newsletters and Account Memos
  • Predictive Sales Analytics

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Comprehensive Merchant Services Solutions for Your Business

Cornerstone provides integrated options that reduce the headaches, costs and complexity of credit card processing and the financial services that accompany those transactions. You won’t be scratching your head about what to do because we’ll give you simple choices that make sense for your business. Whether you need credit or debit card processing, check guarantees, ACH services, point of sales systems, EMV technology or more, we’ll make sure you have what you need. Whatever your business size or type, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done.

Cornerstone offers cutting-edge technology and the latest in credit card terminals and All-in-One POS machines. We accept credit card payments faster and with fewer demands on your business. Our in-house accountants make sure you always get the best possible rates. Plus, there are no hidden fees and no annual renewal fees. We are the leader in PCI compliance, protecting your business and customers from credit card fraud and identity theft.

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Cornerstone Voted Best Merchant Services 2 Years in a Row

For the second year in a row, you have selected Cornerstone as Las Vegas’s best merchant services by Best of Las Vegas! And for the first time, you’ve also selected us under the business services category! We are speechless at the outpouring of support we’ve received. These awards truly mean the world to each and every member of the Cornerstone family. As always we will continue to work hard on behalf of the wonderful community of Las Vegas and put our clients first in everything we do.

Thank you again to Best of Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the City of Las Vegas, and our business community for your support.


We've been with Cornerstone for 10 years. Their staff is always
helpful and friendly, but having Chuck in our corner gives us total
piece of mind because he is extremely knowledgeable and capable
but moreso, he cares and he understands how important cash flow
is to a business. So if there's ever a hiccup, all it takes to get to the
bottom of it is a shout out to Chuck. Having Chuck in your corner is
like having a big brother to fight your battles when needed! I can't
imagine ever utilizing the services of any processor other than

Rob Raskin

I have been with Cornerstone 8 years and NEVER had Anything but
very positive experiences. Chuck the owner is just a great guy and
his entire staff reflect that. I haven't shopped my CC processing in
8 years and I wont. I wouldn't leave if, EVEN if I thought I could
save $$...Not worth it when you got a good thing going already!

Brandon Cross